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Prenota ora

Bistro menu

Risotto with burrata stracciatella, caramelized onions and blueberries

€ 15.00

Fresh spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, ‘nduja, eggplants, capers powder, swordfish tartare slightly smoked

€ 15.00

Fresh paccheri with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata

€ 15.00

Risotto with asparagus, burrata cream and anchovy emulsion

€ 15.00

Beef tenderloin in Teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds on a bed of sauteed spring onions

€ 22.00

Grilled fillet of beef served with baked potatoes and salad

€ 22.00

New York Steaks

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with fries* and salad

€ 18.00

Chianina meat burger with fries

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with fries* and salad

€ 12.00

Chianina meat burger with vegetables

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with grilled vegetables

€ 18.00

Chicken breast slice with peas cream flavored with mint and crunchy bacon

€ 18.00

Smoked pork knuckle with baked potatoes accompanied by horseradish and mustard

€ 17.00

Selection of Bavarian frankfurters with baked potatoes sweet and sour mustard and delicate mustard

Haus Meraner wurst Nuremberg sausage Classic Bratwurst

€ 14.00

Coconut and lime salmon

Fresh baked salmon with coconut and lime cream, sprinkled with coconut and lime

€ 17.00

Marinated zucchini salad

Salad with songino, marinated zucchini, bluefin tuna cubes**, cherry tomatoes and Granny Smith apples with Greek lemon yoghurt

€ 12.50

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast, toasted bread cubes, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes and yogurt sauce

€ 10.00

Vegetarian Cous Cous

Cous Cous with marinated zucchini, cherry tomatoes and quenelles of rabiola with mint

€ 9.00

Swordfish Cous Cous

Bronte pistacho cous cous with swordfish tartare slightly smoked, almonds, capers powder and orange

€ 13.50

Nizzarda Salad

Salad with hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, Cetara anchovies, tuna and Taggiasca Olives.

€ 13.00

Crunchy salad

Fennel and songino salad with smoked salmon, almond fillets, ginger and pink pepper

€ 18.00

SottoSopra Burger

Chianina meat burger, fresh focaccia bread, Fontina cheese, caramelised Tropea red onion, SottoSopra sauce, tomato and lettuce SERVED WITH FRENCH FRIES*

€ 15.50

Black America

Chianina beef burger with fresh black bread flavored with vegetable charcoal. Double Cheddar Tomato & Lettuce Jack Daniel’s Salsa & Jalapeno SERVED WITH BAKED POTATOES*

€ 15.50

The Notorius V.E.G. Burger

Legumes veg burger on fresh poppy seed bread, fried plantains, cranberry barbecue sauce, confit cherry tomatoes and sautéed spinach. SERVED WITH FRIES

€ 15.50