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Cover charge (dinner only) 2€

Heineken 0.0 Non-alcoholic Lager

Thanks to the production process that gently removes alcohol through an evaporation process that does not stress the product, the body is soft, light and marked by a good flavor persistence that leaves a slightly hoppy aftertaste on the palate. Cont. Alc. 0°%in vol.

€ 4.00 (33 cl)

Bloemenbier Strong Golden Ale

Bloemenbier is a Belgian blond ale flavored with flowers. The beer is brewed by the De Proefbrouwerij brasserie in the Flemish village of Lochristi, which is most famous for its flower crops that give the beer its name (the term bloemen in Flemish actually means ‘flowers’). The bottle is wrapped in a wrapper that does not expose the drink to direct sources of light that could alter its flavor, and therefore it is often served by tearing the wrapper near the cork. Cont. Alc.7° %in vol.

€ 18.00 (75cl)

Pauwel Kwak Belgian Strong Ale

Pauwel Kwak is a highly fermented dark beer brewed by the Brouwerij Bosteels brewing industry in Belgium. It is a Belgian Strong Ale style beer with 8.4 percent alcohol (vol) that is to be served in a characteristically shaped glass called a “coachman’s glass.” According to the brewer, this glass was created at the initiative of the coachmen, as its shape allowed it to be hung on the carriage and thus the contents could be consumed without having to get out of the box. Cont. Alc.8.4°%in vol.

€ 18.00 (75cl)


Ur-Weisse is a beer brewed with barley and wheat malts in the most authentic Bavarian tradition. It pours an opalescent amber color with a beige, fairly persistent head of foam. The aroma is broad and rich, with clear fruity notes of banana and spice. Malt and yeast flavors dominate in the mouth, accompanied by fruity and spicy notes (clove). The hops, in keeping with the style, are not prominent but this beer is still less sweet than traditional Weizens. Cont. Alc.5,1°%in vol

€ 6.50 (50cl)


This beer, which wears a golden blond color, lavishes aromas of malt and honey. The hop bouquet is almost exclusively herbaceous with a slight spicy note. The mouthfeel is dictated by the sweet notes of malt and honey. The hops play a cleansing role and come in gently, bringing with them a delicate herbaceous streak that then goes on to define the aftertaste as well. Thirst-quenching beer and extremely easy to drink. Cont. Alc.4.9°%in vol.

€ 6.50 (50cl)

Tennent’s Gluten Free 1885 ( STOCK )

€ 5.00 (33cl)


Hopgoblin IPA, stays true to its ancestral traditions. Awakened with the aromas of Fuggles, Golding and Styrian hops and then expanded with the addition of some potent American hops. This collision of Old and New World hops provides a unique burst of tropical aroma and juicy bitterness. Cont. Alc.5.6°%in vol.

€ 7.50 (50 cl)

Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Weizenbock

Deep ruby red in color, this weizen bock has a very persistent white and dense foam. The bouquet and aroma are enveloping and warming from the hint of hazelnuts, caramel and malt. The body is full and strong, finally leaving a long bittering aftertaste, light but persistent. Cont. Alc. 8.2°%in vol.

€ 7.50 (50cl)

Rittmayer Hallerndonfer Rauchbier

Rittmayer Hallerndorfer Rauchbier is a smoked, bottom-fermented beer that has won multiple European Beer Star awards. It has a strong smoked ham aroma on the nose, which is accompanied by malty hints and hop notes. On the palate, the smoky component is again predominant, flanked by a good amount of sweet malt and toast. Cont. Alc.5°%in vol.

€ 7.50 (50cl)

EAST SIDE Abra Cadabra

Session IPA Fresh aroma of pineapple, tropical fruit and citrus with pine needles in the background. WORLD GLUTEN FREE BEER AWARD 2022 2nd place in category D: High and low fermentation hopped BEER OF THE YEAR 2022 3rd Place Category 12 – Clear, amber and dark, high fermentation, low alcohol, hopped, Anglo-American inspired (Session APA, Session AIPA, Session IPA) Cont. Alc.4.8°%in vol. GLUTEN-FREE

€ 7.00 (44cl)

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Draft beer Cont. Alc. 7.2°%in vol.

0,4l € 6,50

Schneider Helle Weisse TAP7 Original

Draft beer Cont. Alc. 5.4°%in vol.

(0,3) € 4,00 - (0,5) € 6,50


Draft beer Cont. Alc. 5.6°%in vol.

(0,3) € 4,00 - (0,5) € 6,50

Augustiner Hell

Draft beer Cont. Alc. 5.20°%in vol.

(0,3) € 4,00 - (0,5) € 6,50

Tête de Mort

Shows golden color and white foam cap of good persistence. Intense nose of elegant quality, with prevalence of malty notes along with herbaceous, fruity and spicy accents. In the mouth, the ability to hide the alcohol is appreciated. Medium intensity and good qualitative richness of flavors. Balanced without excessive sweetness, fruity accents with hints of orange and dry finish with spice.

€ 4.50 (25cl)

Freshly squeezed orange juice

€ 4.50


Coca-Cola Coca Zero Fanta Sprite Chinotto Laurisia Esta The Lemon or Peach Tonic Fever Tree

€ 3.20

Lurisia sparkling and still water

€ 2.00 (50 cl)


€ 2.00

Shaken coffee

€ 2.50

Moroccan – Ginseng – Barley Coffee

€ 1.50

Coffee with whipped cream

€ 2.00

Decaffeinated coffee

€ 1.50

Caffè corretto

€ 2.00


€ 1.30

Rhum Don Papa

Aged 7 years in oak barrels

€ 8.00

Whisky Oban o Lagavulyn

€ 8.00


€ 5.00

Grappa Prime Uve e Barricate

€ 5.00

Hierbas Mari Mayans – Jefferson Amaro Augustiner – Distilled Hops.

€ 5.00


€ 4.00

Zibibbo – Vin Santo – Passito Terre di Zagara

€ 4.00


€ 4.00