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Prenota ora

Bistro Menu

Cover charge (dinner only) 2€

Fresh spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata

€ 13.00

Fresh spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, ‘nduja, eggplants, capers powder, swordfish tartare slightly smoked

€ 15.00

Fresh paccheri with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and burrata

€ 15.00

Risotto with asparagus, burrata cream and anchovy emulsion

€ 15.00

Risotto with fresh porcini mushrooms and orange zest

€ 17.00

Beef tenderloin in Teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds on a bed of sauteed spring onions

€ 22.00

Grilled fillet of beef served with baked potatoes and salad

€ 22.00

New York Steaks

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with fries* and salad

€ 18.00

Chianina meat burger with fries

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with fries* and salad

€ 12.00

Chianina meat burger with vegetables

Fresh Chianina meat hamburger served on a plate with grilled vegetables

€ 18.00

Chicken breast slice with peas cream flavored with mint and crunchy bacon

€ 18.00

Smoked pork knuckle with baked potatoes accompanied by horseradish and mustard

€ 17.00

Selection of Bavarian frankfurters with baked potatoes sweet and sour mustard and delicate mustard

Haus Meraner wurst Nuremberg sausage Classic Bratwurst

€ 14.00

Coconut and lime salmon

Fresh baked salmon with coconut and lime cream, sprinkled with coconut and lime

€ 17.00

Sliced chicken breast with guacamole, tortilla chips and peperocino threads

€ 18.00

Marinated zucchini salad

Salad with songino, marinated zucchini, bluefin tuna cubes**, cherry tomatoes and Granny Smith apples with Greek lemon yoghurt

€ 12.50

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast, toasted bread cubes, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes and yogurt sauce

€ 10.00

Vegetarian Cous Cous

Cous Cous with marinated zucchini, cherry tomatoes and quenelles of rabiola with mint

€ 9.00

Cous Cous with tuna tartare

Cous Cous with vegetables, bell pepper drops, mango and tuna tartare**. Served with ponzu sauce

€ 13.50

Nizzarda Salad

Salad with hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, Cetara anchovies, tuna and Taggiasca Olives.

€ 13.00

Crunchy salad

Fennel and songino salad with smoked salmon, almond fillets, ginger and pink pepper

€ 18.00

Roastbeef with sun-dried tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and capers

Caesar Salad con gamberi

Romaine lettuce with shrimp, toasted bread cubes, cherry tomatoes, grana flakes and yogurt sauce

SottoSopra Burger

Chianina meat burger, fresh focaccia bread, Fontina cheese, caramelised Tropea red onion, SottoSopra sauce, tomato and lettuce SERVED WITH FRENCH FRIES*

€ 15.50

Black America

Chianina beef burger with fresh black bread flavored with vegetable charcoal. Double Cheddar Tomato & Lettuce Jack Daniel’s Salsa & Jalapeno SERVED WITH BAKED POTATOES*

€ 15.50

The Notorius V.E.G. Burger

Legumes veg burger on fresh poppy seed bread, fried plantains, cranberry barbecue sauce, confit cherry tomatoes and sautéed spinach. SERVED WITH FRIES

€ 15.50